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Share your thoughts and comments about the OnPoint Prize, excellence in education, or examples of how you or your favorite teacher has helped make your school stronger.

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"Mr. Lutz (Engelwood) is compassionate and understanding even for those with special needs. One student just told him "I love you Mr. Lutz. I wish you'd never die...but you will"."
FROMPatsy Lutz

"Mr. Merrill has taught both of my children at Groner Elementary. He has such a lighthearted way of communicating with the kids that they all love and respect him."
FROMShari Young

"Mrs. Miller has had a very challenging classroom with differing levels of learning and behaviors, but she handles it very well by being organized, caring, patient, and involved."
FROMCari Mestas

"Mrs. Chaudhry from Lincoln Elementary (Woodburn, Or.) is an awesome teacher. She helps kids with what they need. She also makes learning fun!! Amazing teacher with great passion."
FROMKaren Santaigo

"I love my 5th grade teacher Ms. Parker! She is so funny and is really great at explaining things.Ms. Parker should totally get the title of "Educator of the year"!"


$40,000 in awards to local teachers
Nominate a teacher!

OnPoint Honors Our Community's Best Educators.

The OnPoint Prize for Excellence in Education will award over $40,000 to local teachers and their schools. Here’s what selected teachers will win:


Mortgage paid for one school year plus $1,000 to their school for resources & supplies


Mortgage paid for one school year plus $1,000 to their school for resources & supplies

TWO FINALISTS - K-8 & 9-12

$500 cash for each finalist plus an additional $500 to their schools for resources & supplies

OnPoint has always understood that strong education is one of the best ways to build thriving communities. The OnPoint Prize is our opportunity to recognize outstanding teachers that have made a difference in our lives.

Thank you for your nomination. We’ve received a number of stories about local, inspirational educators. We are grateful to have the opportunity to recognize and support these outstanding individuals who give so much to our communities. Thank you for being a part of our commitment to honoring excellence in education.

Nominations are now closed. Check back May 15th to see our finalists. We’ll announce our new Educators of the Year on May 22nd.

In the meantime, share your thoughts about the OnPoint Prize or check out Educational Resources to learn more about how we strengthen our community with our commitment to education.

Watch 2013 OnPoint Prize winners, Barbara Nasewytewa and Francesca Morrison, accept their awards for Educator of the Year.